Artisan Perfumery

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I am Fabio Luisi, a professional musician and conductor who has held residencies in many international concert halls and opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera, the Vienna Symphony, the Zurich Opera, and more. While music is the art for which I am known, I also maintain a secret passion for perfumery. For years, I have been practicing my craft by creating perfumes for friends. But like a musician eventually presents himself to a larger audience, I am ready to show you my perfumes.

Artisan Perfumes

You won’t find my hand-crafted perfumes in large department stores, nor will you find them marketed through large, global brands. There are no trends with FL Parfums. My perfumes are made by my two hands, and only with care, love, and commitment to you. My goal is to show you how deeply these perfumes can touch your soul by bringing to the surface your unique ideas, memories, souvenirs, and feelings: your world, in my one tiny bottle.

From the very first step

FL Parfums is not a big brand. I do not work or produce my perfumes in industrial quantities, nor do I use industrial methods. From the very first step – the “idea” or the “concept” – until the filling and the labeling of the bottle, everything is personally made by me. I do not use refillers and I do not outsource any stages of my perfume production.


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