All substances employed for the preparation of all products labeled “FL Parfums” (perfumes, bath oils and bath salts) are approved by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) whose purpose is to ensure the safety of fragrance materials through a dedicated science program.

Nevertheless people react differently to some substances (paradoxically most allergic or irritant reactions are caused by ingredients of natural origin). I quote the IFRA:


“Not all personal reactions or situations of some discomfort are true allergies.  People have a tendency to use that word in a general sense, when most correctly, it indicates the involvement of the body’s immune system.  So a person may have an irritation or a skin reaction or some “sensitivity” to a particular product, one of its ingredients or the conditions of use.  But that doesn’t mean the person “has an allergy.”  Usually, an allergic reaction is much more severe, lasts longer and involves more parts of the body than just where exposure occurs.  On the other hand, a skin rash that disappears when the product is no longer used could indicate only an irritant reaction, or a personal sensitivity.  This is much less severe. (…) If someone does have a reaction to a product our advice is to contact a dermatologist. They will be able to help you identify the substance causing the problem. If they cannot easily identify the substance they can contact the manufacturer of the consumer product and they will be able to provide the Doctor with a list of ingredients.”


Remember that my perfumes are made mainly from essential oils of the best (and most controlled) origin. The perfumes of my “All Natural” line are made only with all natural substances, without the addition of anything synthetic. Meanwhile, an essential oil, which is produced by several extraction methods from parts of a plant, can contain from 20 to over 500 chemical compounds.

Still, please do not assume that a natural substance is automatically a harmless substance: if you know that you have a specific allergy, be always careful in the choice of your perfume and always do a patch test before you begin to wear it regularly.