I am Fabio Luisi, a professional musician and conductor. I have held residencies in many international concert halls and opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera, the Vienna Symphony, the Zurich Opera and others more.

Everyone knows me for music, but I have also a secret passion for perfumery.
I started to create perfumes for my friends.
Over time I have honed my skills and I am ready now to show you all my creations.

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I create these perfumes using natural substances from all over the world, including:

• Frankincense from Oman
• Myrrh from Ethiopia
• Vetiver from Haiti
• Sandalwood from India and New Caledonia
• Ambergris from New Zealand
• and many others.

I blend these exotic ingredients together to create unique and special perfumes with patience and care.

For me perfumery is the art of blending, just like music: blending sounds in music just like blending aromatic substances in perfumery.

FL Parfums wants to be unique in the world of scents: the mood thank to you can feel unique too.

How I Work

FL Parfums believes in quality not in quantity. I don’t produce my perfumes in industrial quantities or with industrial methods. Every perfume is personally handmade, from the idea to the creation of the final bottle. The process of realization happens in three important steps:

  • I translate an idea (or a point of view, a way of feeling, a person, an event) into a perfume.
  • I collect the aromatic substances and I blend these together.
  • I let them for a couple of weeks and the ingredients react to each other and melt together, during a mysterious alchemic process.
  • I add the perfumer’s alcohol (first quality, grain or grape distilled and FDA-approved).

I work only with very small batches. At the end of perfumes’ creation project, I take the quantity you have chosen and I put it in a bottle.

So, every bottle is personal and unique, filled just for you.


You can find FL Parfums on this website, just go to the Shop.

You can also find some of my perfumes at:
Profumeria Mariarosa
Piazza Caprera, Santa Maria Ligure – Italy
Phone: (+39) 0185283659

You can also find some of my perfumes at the:
Capital One Symphony Shop
Meyerson Hall (lobby level)
House of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Dallas, Texas.