My journey in the creation of these illustrations begins with a scan of some images that Maestro Luisi send me. mI have read with a lot of passion descriptions of his perfums and I have studied and researched about the ingredients he used.

So I have continued to research images, atmospheres, places and past epochs and I have started my conception from that.

I had the intention of creating something that was referring to a past epoch, but with a fresh, modern and playful style of illustration. The setting of these illustrations are the 20s. In every illustration we find mens and women.

The female figure must be seen as a muse, an inspiration that arises from the perfum or as a part of it. Women are wearing see-through gowns, textures are composed from the background of the scene. Just faces and hands are clear and separated from the background.

The only illustration where I haven’t used that technique is Eclectique n.2, a perfum with more feminine nuances.

So in this case the woman gown is not transparent. She walks counter-current and is the only coloured charachter in the illustration. In this way I have tried to underline her intensity and the feminine nuances of Eclectique n.2.

Colours are inspired from Maestro Luisi descriptions and from some elements of his perfums.

So there are some ingredients of perfums in decorations and in details of scenes.