FL Parfums” mean?

FL stands for Fabio Luisi, which is my name and “Parfums” is the french word for “perfumes”. I have a strong connection with the history and development of perfumes, which happened mainly in France over the last two centuries.

Is perfumery your only field of work?

No. I am a professional and classical musician. I work worldwide as a conductor. But, I also happen to have a profound passion for perfumes. I have a lot of experience and work in consideration of the standard professional literature about perfumery, such as works by Dussauce and Carles.

Do you mean that there is no industrial preparation for “FL Parfums”?

Exactly. I developed my formulations during years of work and I still blend the aromatic substances at my working desk, alone, carefully and passionately.

Where is “FL Parfums”?

FL Parfums” is located in Meilen, in Switzerland, because my job as a conductor permits me to travel, I am active worldwide and therefore I will sometimes create and blend perfumes in other countries. If you buy my perfumes online or at one of my selected selling locations, at the end of the production’s process your bottle of perfume will be shipped from the United States directly to your home. Please see my Where to Buy FL Parfums page for more details.

Are “FL Parfums” creations suitable for people suffering from allergic reactions?

This is an important issue. Please read the page “About Safety

What about others? Will they be affected by the perfumes I wear?

Having a reaction to a nearby smell is normal. Nevertheless, there are even workplaces with “non-scent” policies, which is a sign of sensibility toward pollution problems in our environment.

My perfumes have a nice but minimal “sillage” (the French word for “wake” or “trail”), and this “sillage” is mostly sensed only in your “personal scent circle” (from about an arm’s length away). So, if you hug someone or give him or her a kiss, he or she will smell your perfume. Otherwise, it will remain practically imperceptible to others.

This is by the way, the best way to wear perfumes in general. Be discreet: a perfume should mainly enjoy the one who wears it.

Where can I buy “FL Parfums”?

You can buy them online using this website or at selected locations. Please look at the page titled, “Where to Buy FL Parfums“. If you buy my perfumes online, they will be prepared and filled in a unique bottle just for you. I don’t have “ready” perfume bottles to ship. After I receive an order, I just take the quantity you ask for from a small batch and fill a bottle for you. If I don’t have the quantity you wish, then I simply start from scratch again and mix the aromatic substances. Then I let them rest, add alcohol, and let them rest again. This way, you can be sure that the all the essential oils used for your perfume are fresh and not oxidized. In this case, it will take a bit more time before you get your perfume (but I will tell you this, if it occurs). But, if this happens, it is only proof that I don’t produce in industrial quantity, and a guarantee that you always get a “fresh” perfume!

This is interesting, but how can I choose a fragrance? I cannot buy without having tried anything! And, by the way, do you have an exchange or return policy?

You are absolutely right! Well, you can try all the fragrances I offer at the selected locations, and make your order there. Or you can request a sample from me, try it in the comfort of your home and then decide. This is also the reason why I don’t offer any exchange or return policy. All sales are final. So I encourage you to buy my samples and decide!

Don’t you think your perfumes are quite expensive?

I work completely alone with the best aromatic substances one can find on the market. They come from the best and most trusted essential oil resellers, who provide me with GC/MS data sheets, so I can be sure the oils I use are not adulterated. Some of the substances I use come directly from the distillers or from the producers, and I only work with first rate substances. This is a guarantee also for their safety. Special oils like Rose (in different forms and from different provenances) and neroli, but also Sandalwood, are among the most precious (and therefore most expensive) substances on the market. But they improve the quality of my perfumes, so I want to use them – and you definitely can smell the difference. Plus, I spent years for the development of my perfumes (Éclectique N. 2 took two years, and I still try to improve it) That is the reason why some of my perfumes (especially the “All Natural” and the “Private Collection” lines) are not cheap.

Are your perfumes following the trend of the perfume industry?

No, no, and again, no. Although there are great perfumes in the industry, developed by great perfumers and sold by global brands, I don’t take inspiration from them. On the contrary, my perfume philosophy starts with an idea (it can be a word, a feeling, a person, a situation), which I try to translate into a perfume. Be prepared: my perfumes are not of the sort of the hundreds of lemony-fresh-ozon-gourmand you can find in the big stores. I favor darker scents, sensual notes, rather dry and sometimes bitter. They are definitely NOT mainstream and I am proud of this!

What is Oud?

Oud comes from the wood of the tropical Agar (Aquilaria) tree, believed to have originated in the Assam region of India, and from there spread throughout Southeast Asia. When the wood of this tree gets infected with a certain mould variety (Phialophora parasitica), it reacts by producing a precious, dark and fragrant resin, which is the perfume ingredient oud (also called agar wood).

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