The Perfumes non perfumes collection is divided into three linear fragrances, therefore  fragrances that change only a little during the time a person wears it.

These scents provide a constant olfactory experience.

They are three fragrances that interpret the masculine, the feminine and the neutral, according to a taxonomy of classical origin in the genders of humanity and everything related to it.

They differ, of course, in the heart of the perfumed notes present: more citrus for her, more bitter for him and more ethereal for the angel (the neutral).

Despite the differences, they all have in common the notes of musk, cashmere and the Iso-E-Super molecule.

How the Perfumes non perfumes collection was born

Introducing my new line of perfumes, inspired by the concept of “perfumes non perfumes” and centered around the substance Ambroxan. Each fragrance in this collection offers a unique olfactory experience, celebrating different facets of human nature and identity. Let’s delve into the descriptions of these perfumes: “Peau d’un Homme,” “Peau d’un Ange,” and “Peau d’une Femme”.

The perfumes of the Perfumes non perfumes line

There are three different fragrances for you:

Peau d’un Homme: Step into a world of masculine allure with “Peau d’un Homme.” This fragrance embodies the essence of strength, confidence, and sensuality. A fusion of warm and woody notes harmonizes with the rich, captivating presence of Ambroxan. Its subtle yet distinctive aroma lingers on the skin, leaving a sophisticated and mysterious trail. “Peau d’un Homme” celebrates the depth and magnetism of the modern man.

Peau d’un Ange: Unveiling a delicate and ethereal fragrance, “Peau d’un Ange” evokes purity, innocence, and celestial beauty. This perfume captures the essence of angelic grace, enveloping the wearer in a gentle, comforting aura. The subtle interplay of soft floral notes, enhanced by the soothing essence of Ambroxan, creates a captivating and serene olfactory experience. “Peau d’un Ange” is an invitation to embrace your inner tranquility and radiate an aura of subtle elegance.

Peau d’une Femme: Embodying femininity in its purest form, “Peau d’une Femme” exudes elegance, grace, and allure. This fragrance unveils a symphony of floral and sensual notes, interwoven with the luminous essence of Ambroxan. It captures the essence of a woman’s delicate yet powerful presence, leaving an intoxicating trail that lingers in the air. “Peau d’une Femme” is a tribute to the timeless beauty and magnetism of the feminine spirit.

Aligned with the trend of “perfumes non perfumes,” this new collection embraces a minimalist approach, focusing on the natural and raw beauty of the Ambroxan substance. These fragrances aim to enhance the wearer’s natural scent rather than overpower it, creating an intimate and personal olfactory experience.

The result is a collection that reflects the essence of human nature, allowing individuals to express their unique identities through scent.